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AR State Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors Board Meeting

Details Board Agenda 1. Call to Order- Introduction of Board members and anyone wishing to speak before the Board today. 2. Oral Examinations 3. Reinstatement 4. Administrative a. Approval of January 16, 2014 Board Minutes b. Approval of January-February 2014 DF&A reports and Trial Balance 5. Hearings a. In the matter of: Melissa Sherer, Applicant for Student Funeral Director b. In the matter of: Warren Stephens, A Licensed Funeral Director c. In the matter of: Henry Veasley, A Licensed Funeral Director d. In the matter of: Richardson Memorial Funeral Home, Javier Buck, Manager and licensed funeral director 6. Complaints a. Case#14-1 Coleman, Linda V. Christopher D. Ross, licensed funeral director b. Case#14-3 Johnson, James L. v. Reddick Funeral Home, Billy Reddick, Manager and licensed funeral director 7. Board Discussion a. Kincaid Funeral Service Update at the last meeting the Board had tabled an application for new establishment until Mr. Heath could visit with Ms. Kincaid on her future intentions of the location. During Rules committee discussion January 17th, it was determined that since they would be charging families for visitations and use of facilities the location would need to hold an establishment license. 8. Attorney updates (Kat Hodge) 9. Meeting dates: a. Next meeting -Thursday, April 10, 2014 or hold two day meeting in May? Annual meeting May 15, 2014 and the regular meeting could be held May 14th? Vice Verse b. I would like the Board to agree to 6 meetings a year that pre-set for the upcoming year. Example January, March, May, July, September, November or possibly quarterly. It would be helpful to have dates pre-set and most other Board I know only meeting 4-6 times a year. 10. Adjournment
Agency State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Date 03/13/2014
Start Time 9:00 AM
End Time 1:00 PM
Contact Name Amy Goode
Contact Phone number 501-682-0574
Contact Email
Address 101 E. Capitol, Suite 113
Little Rock AR 72201
Location Conferene Room C