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AR State Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors Regular Meeting

Details Notice of Regular meeting Tentative Agenda attached Order of Business: The Board may discuss, vote to approve, vote to disapprove, vote to table, change the order of any agenda item, or decide not to discuss any item on the agenda. 1. Call to Order- Introduction of Board members and anyone wishing to speak before the Board today. 2. Oral Examinations a. Morris Gooch 3. Hearings a. Herman Eaton 4. Administrative a. Approval of minutes of the March 2013 Meeting b. Approval of March-April 2013 Trial Balance & DFA financial documents 5. Complaints a. Saffle V. AR Funeral Care, LeRoy Wood, FD/Manager/Owner- Case#13-02 b. A. O. Smith Funeral Home, Stamps V. AR Funeral Care, LeRoy Wood - Case #13-07 c. Board V. Dial & Dudley- Case #13-06- No answer by 15 days rule. Board can issue a reprimand in lieu of hearing, if they would accept or if they reject that then be brought in for hearing. 6. Board Discussion a. Rule XIV – Funeral Service Practices – Buie Funeral Home V. AR Funeral Care – as of the date of this meeting payment has not been remitted to Buie. Hoes does the Board advise proceeding? b. Alvis Hamilton – See copy of enclosed email. Mr. Hamilton is a Staff Sergeant in the US Army his MOS is Mortuary Affairs. He is currently stationed in Germany working for the Army Mortuary. He is working under licensees from Utah, Virginia, Illinois, and North Carolina. He is asking that the Board consider allowing the cases he is doing there to count towards his cases for his embalming apprenticeship. He is currently not serving an apprenticeship. What do you advice? Is there case reports he could send to us and they count? 7. Attorney updates a. Effie Collins Case 8. Next Meeting - July 9, 2013
Agency State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Date 05/21/2013
Start Time 9:00 AM
End Time 12:00 PM
Contact Name Amy Goode
Contact Phone number 501-682-0574
Contact Email
Address 101 E. Capitol, Suite 113
Little Rock AR 72201
Location Conference Room C