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Education, Arkansas Department of

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Phone 501-682-4475

Available Services

Non-Traditional Teacher Licenses
Information about the Non-Traditional Licensure Program (NTLP) for potential teachers. Apply online with the Arkansas Department of Education.

Teacher Licenses
Renew a traditional Teacher license with the Arkansas Department of Education.

Grant Announcements | Districts, Schools, Educators
The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Grant Office has compiled a list of Grant Opportunities that are available to districts, schools and individual educators. Also available are a list of grants awarded by the ADE and a list of grants for which the ADE has applied. This effort will include national, state, public and private organizations and foundations. ADE will provide training on grant writing for interested educators.

Arkansas Teacher Licensure Accountability System (ATLAS)
Application utilized by ADE to track the mentoring process of teachers in the AR public school system.